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To facilitate job seekers to land on the right openings, we have incorporated a section as “Job Opportunities” in our web site so that prospective candidates can apply directly to us with updated resume and relevant docs.

Our intent is to provide maximum visibility of job opportunities all the time to our candidates


Applicant Care

This is often a neglected aspect in most manpower recruiting companies. We value all applicants and respect their views and hence maintain their resumes in strict confidence. We provide them relevant information of a job whenever asked for and keep them updated on the progress of their candidature once they are short-listed by a client.

For senior executive positions we maintain a dossier of leading talent, in relevant industry in which they operate. We are in constant communication with them on the possible opportunities that may arise from time to time to facilitate them to make a career shift.

Our professionals provide counseling to young candidates based on their interests and to help out in career planning.


To facilitate consideration of a prospective candidate against a suitable job opportunity that comes our way through client assignment from time to time, we maintain an integrated Data Base of candidates for all categories and disciplines. This includes:

  1. Construction Industry

    Commercial/Residential Buildings & Housing Complex Roads and Highways Airports and Seaports

  2. Projects

    Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refineries Power Plants ( Nuclear/Fossil Fuel/GT/DG ) Desalination Plant & Water Supply system Cross Country Pipelines with Booster Stations ETP & Sewage Systems Substations & Transmission Lines Fertilizer & Chemical Process Plants Steel & Aluminum Complexes Shutdown & Maintenance Contracts

  3. Other Industries

    Manufacturing Hospitality Banking & Finance IT & ITES

Overseas Engineering Recruitment Jobs Oil and Gas offshore jobs and Manufacturing Jobs Overseas Engineering Recruitment Jobs

Our Vision

To evolve as a leading manpower solution provider through continuous improvement.